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One of the best people you will ever meet in your life. She's smart, confident, gorgeous, and will never back down. Kaid always knows how to make you laugh and smile when you're upset. She can get any guy she wants, but she's not a slut. Kaid will always be there for you, and she isn't afraid to bite anyone who annoys you. Kaid is the best friend you could ever wish for. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you know a Kaid.
Perold: Kaid is such an amazing friend! I'm so lucky to have her!

Everyone else: dang I wish I had a Kaid
by Perold January 06, 2014
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Kaids (Korean AIDS) Is an extremely dangerous form of AIDS popular in Korea. It's only known cure is to inject large amounts of blended kimchee into ones veins.
Daniel has Kaids
by Good guy Jarid December 28, 2019
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short for Kool-Aid,
if you're too lazy to type it out or say it
me: yo i dyed my hair with kaid. nice.
jon: OH YEAH!
by sexykumquathair January 08, 2008
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An all around asshole to everyone, only has a few friends but there only his friends because they are scared of him and generally do whatever he asks. Do not waste ur time on a kaid Pryor they r not very fun or nice, usually very short tempered and will try to fight you just for looking in their direction
That guy/girl is an asshole

Yeah, his names kaid let's just go before he start talking shit
by James locke April 11, 2017
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