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The 5th state of matter in which everything EXPLODES due to its awesomeness. you can't touch it, hear it, see, it, smell it, dance with it, eat it, or make funny farting noises with it. it doesn't work. Be sure to feed your Kaian LOTS of chicken hats with salsa. It will give you amazing super powers, better than the fantastic 4 and SuperMan and Batman COMBINED. It can't any better you say? WELL THINK AGAIN. The Kaian works just like MIGHTY PUTTY!! Yeah, its awesome becuase Billy effin Mayes sold it. End of story.

Not really!! The Kaian is also a great thing to feed to llamas if you want them to explode from the inside out and turn into a gaint black hole that while certainly bring the end to the human race. It makes a pretty awesome kids toy too! Just give the Kaian some cheese and it will start shaking like crazy...which makes it another kind of toy also......

Not to be confused by the Chili Version! The Kaian is 100 times better!!!

Look! that guy over ther must be a Kaian.
by Awesome_guy91 May 11, 2010
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