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A sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is prevalent in Utah. It affects mostly viola players. Symptoms include delusion, imaginary musical talent, loss of dexterity, facial wasting disease, oily hair and dementia, among others.
Jon got gangbanged and contracted Kahananui.
The conductor was shocked that the youth orchestra sounded so bad! He later learned that the viola section had Kahananui.
by uyuyuyuya July 18, 2018
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A person who wants to be a musician but has no talent whatsoever. Someone who is deluded and can't understand that they suck at everything they do.
Jon sucks at playing the viola, he's a Kahananui.
Did you hear that audition? That Kahananui will never be admitted in any self respecting orchestra!
by uyuyuyuya July 18, 2018
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An adjective used to describe individuals who display immense talent who frequently outshine even the most gifted artists. They are often seen equipped with violas strapped to their backs ready to execute, with perfection, any Mozart piece with little effort. At times they can be snarky, but they are among the best and brightest friends to come by. Plus, they have huge wieners!
Orchestra kid 1: Man, I’ve been practicing this piece for the last month and I still can’t play this like a Kahananui!

Orchestra kid 2: Seriously! Outside of making love to my mother all I do is practice, practice, practice! I’m nowhere need where I need to be. Jon picks up his viola for five minutes and he’s already mastered it like a Kahananui!

Orchestra kid 1: I sure wish our wieners weren’t so small.

Orchestra kid 2: So does my mom.
by Bulbasaurus Flex September 07, 2018
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