Kabir is the name of a person who has everything, who is extremely smart and is willing to help others with his skills, who is a crazy crazy romantic, who works harder than most people but tries to spread his wisdom. Kabir is a very handsome and flirtatious person and many girls like Kabir. Kabir knows lots of people but has few close friends. Kabir's in the 21st century are computer whizzes and are very intelligent by always trying to surpass his peers. Kabir's have trouble trusting people but are very confident and outgoing.
Kabir is the entire package.
If all else fails think what would Kabir do.
Kabir....nuff said.
by real_life January 23, 2013
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Kabir's are amazing, good-looking boys who are very smart. They are good at Soccer and Basketball, but are not too popular. They have a great fashion sense, and great taste for music, food, and other things. Kabir's usually live in small towns. They're favorite animals are mammals, but not anything too specific. They are tall, and many girls like them. Being a Kabir is a great thing to do.
Girl 1: What's that boy's name?
Girl 2: His name is Kabir.
by oyaha September 1, 2011
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Handsome, most likely to get the hottest girl in school, usually has long hair, has the friends who get the girls, known throughout school because of his name, has a heart and thinks before doing, liked by all
That guy is like a kabir!
by Pusclown October 17, 2016
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Kabir is an Arabic name which translates literally to big, although it suggests greatness, someone who is very wise, someone who will do great/ big things, someone with a great aura, etc. Kabir also has strong links with someone who is mystical and other worldly.

And it also generally means someone who is well endowed, attractive and knows how to use his equipment.
M: I heard he is very Kabir
F: yes, he has accomplished great things, is so wise. Plus he's amazing in the sack!
by arabicmastermind12345 August 2, 2012
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A larger than life individual, with great insight, perception and intuition. Someone who attracts people with his magical qualities. An individual who firmly believes in being one with the universe, a phenomenon of unending possibilities.
There is a kabir in everyone.

He displays kabir like characteristics from time to time.
by Zen Rain October 26, 2010
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Going to your friends for pre drinks and leaving with their brother
"pretty sure they were chatting on the roof top but then she ended up kabiring him"
by feed_al September 27, 2011
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Kabir (1440 - 1518) was an Indian Mystic who preached an ideal of seeing all of humanity as one. He was known to be a weaver and later became famed for scorning religious affiliation, seen as a threat to both Muslim and Hindu elite. His monist philosophies and ideas of loving devotion to God are expressed in metaphor and language from both the Hindu Vedanta and Bhakti streams and Muslim Sufi ideals.

Other than tht Kabir is pimpest piece of shit in tha world hooty hooty hoot hooo (esp. tha one in Detroit)
A new kid walks in to his class
Kabir: Hey, my name is Kabir
everybody else in class: *bows down to his feet*
by Kabizzle September 3, 2005
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