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A completely hilarious girl who always looks at the bright side of life. She's known for her good advice and is a very loyal friend. She's also very smart, but often tends to procrastrinate. She's very creative, outgoing and loves random (and often sarcastic) humor.

She has an amazing smile that could lit up an entire building. She's very energetic yet easy-going.

Kaat is also not prude at all, and her curiosity and carefree way of life makes her able to love anyone, regardless of the gender.

Although she's very optimistic, she has a really realistic view on the world, and is very wise. She is the kind of person you should NOT start a discussion with, because she's almost always right. She'll most likely counter-argument all your arguments fiercely, and you'll end up not knowing what to say.
Though she might come across as a very carefree person, she is very passionate about politics/ecological matters.

She's quite weird, in a good way.

She'll often make sexual (funny) comments, but not in an inappropriate way (her humor will always be able to mask it). She has a natural tendency to know what she's doing when it comes to sex. Whether it's with a boy or a girl. She's a really good kisser, and an even better lover.

Kaat is a natural beauty: she'll most likely have a stunning body.

Kaat is extremely independent and only her true best friends will see her most vulnerable side.

She's also very curious, but she's good at keeping secrets.

Kaat is also a PARTY-ANIMAL!
Sandy: Who's that girl over there?
Ella: The one who's doing the crazy dance you mean?
Sandy: Yeah, her.
Ella: That's Kaat. She's so funny and random, I wish I was more like that. I would never do that in such a public place.
Sandy: Yeah, she seems like a very cool and carefree person.

John: I met this amazing chick last night. She was nothing like the other chicks. She was genuine, smart and hilarious.
Adam: Really? I've never heard you say anything like that about a girl you just met the night before.
John: I know, but really dude... This chick... Simply incredible! I swear!
Adam: She must be a Kaat.
by Jimbo_tada June 13, 2013
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