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Panamanian hip hop artist, fashion designer and young boss from Brooklyn, NY. He debuted his music career with the release of "Winners Worry About Winning".
You heard that new KIU boy? son too lit out here
by KIDS SEE GHOSTS June 14, 2018
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Means Keep it Up. KUTGW means Keep up the good work and KIUA means Keep it up Abu!
mmm.. Nice sig. i give it a 9/10. KIU.
by abubakr June 11, 2006
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a bald kid with cancer
im just a kid whos 4 each day i grow some more ki-u
by balld May 26, 2018
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Kenderlands Irventant Uspented Sequation of a Woman whohangs around her all day(but is NEVER her husband or girlfriend) usualy also a GBC
I saw thsis hot chick but she was this ugly ass man with no teeth and was a fat as a van he was sucha KIUS
by FuddetGangManster December 20, 2017
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