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The sound of a japanese waitress asking you if you want CREAM CHEESE on your roll...
-Iยดll have the California Roll please...

-Would you rike that wis KIM CHEE???

-No, thanks no KIM CHEE, but do put cream cheese in it.
by xaviersz May 13, 2009
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The fucking man. A Korean slang for 'pimp daddy' or the boss. A sign of respect and dignity, reserved for men who get lots of ladies or money.
Yo, Hoisan is fucking Kim Chee.

If you could get her number, you'd be Kim Chee.
by Kim Chee September 25, 2006
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Someone who acts bigger and better than what they are. A Kimchee will lie lots to exaggerate their greatness so beware of fibs. Kimchees are fake.
Did you hear Kimchee telling people his latest stories? He's so full of shit. Someone should just call him out on it.
by Motley Cruz July 13, 2017
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a japanese word for and explosive fart that could possibly launch you to the moon
damn did you hear tom's kim-chee? i almost suffocated
by x-fizzy December 06, 2007
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