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Someone who is extremely disorganised, slant-eyed (hailing from Malaysia) and has a tendency to do minimal work whilst handing off a lot of work to colleagues. Regular comparisons are made to Scott West (former AFL player) due to the extraordinarily high handball ratio that both possess.

Someone referred to as a KCH also has a tendency to spend large proportions of their day doing circle work around an office environment.
A: KCH is on the trot again.

B: Geez, does that kid ever stop doing circle work.

A: I don't think so. The KCH is renowned for finding ways not to do anything and making his work everyone else's responsibility.
by ADPU July 11, 2010
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KCH is a word in african dialect. it doesn't have meaning, and it's usually added at the end of the sentense.

this word is most often heard in language of albino negros of central african region (today's central african republic and kongo)
will you marry me, kch?
I cannot, I cannot swim, kch.
by venushalley May 04, 2006
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