Stands for "Kindness Of Strangers". Humorous term for just the "old as the hills" practice of merely soliciting the assistance of nearby fellow humans if you have an emergency, rather than paying big bucks for an emergency-assistance plan from an insurance provider. The Amish/Mennonite people are widely known for this "deep sense of community" way of doing things.
I try to always keep my vehicle in good shape and carry all the necessary tools/supplies that I'd likely need in my trunk, and so I don't bother subscribing to AAA's roadside-assistance plan; so far, the K.O.S. Insurance Company has always seen me through with the few emergencies that I've ever encountered while tootling around the countryside. And in fact, usually I am the one who has been the "assister" --- way more often than not, it is I who have come upon other motorists who have broken down for some reason (i.e, flat tire, empty tank, dead battery, overheated engine, etc.), and so I am often able to use my own equipment to get them "up and running again", "patch them up" enough to "limp back home" under their own steam, or tow their jalopy to the nearest service-garage.
by QuacksO July 4, 2019
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