KaZaA with no shit. The margarine of KaZaA. The Diet Coke of KaZaA...
"Hey Courtney! Go and download 'Christmas Shoes' on Kazaa Lite!"
by Nick the Prick December 09, 2003
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After the early death of Napster, this file-sharing network and many others sprouted like mushrooms in Napster's ashes. Kazaa is now under the crosshairs of the Record Industry Assfuckers of America (RIAA)
The RIAA, in its desparate attempt to monopolize the Internet, publicly announced that it will charge anyone who uses Kazaa lite $100,000(U.S.) for every MP3 they download.
by AYB August 05, 2003
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The best Peepr-to-peer sharing program ever. It is a better use then Kazaa, and here is why.

1. No Spyware/Adware
2. Constant 1000 Participation Level.
3. Faster download time.
4. Constantly search for more sources to download the file quicker.
kazaa lite > j00 > Kazaa!
by nnguyen11490 October 15, 2003
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Any freeloader's best tool. Downloads programs, music, documents, videos, etc. No ads or spyware. Hope this one stays online.
Who needs to buy anything anymore for the computer? I got Kazaa!
by mikekk67 June 06, 2003
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Kazaa--New and Improved! Now with 48% less fat!

Similar to "Miller Lite."
by Lady Chevalier August 02, 2003
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Would be perfect were it not for all the goddamned pr0n. Stupid perverts.
I wish people would keep their disgusting fetishes in private.
by jen September 06, 2004
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better than kazaa, (eg. no spyware, pop-ups, less viruses, built in virus checker) I've never downloaded a virus after 1 year of napster, 1 of winmx, 1/2 of Kazaa, and 1 of Kazaa lite.
"I don't want any computer games for my birthday, I have Kazaa."
by Rane May 13, 2003
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