derived from the first letter of the work ketchup: "K" and the fact that ketchup is a sauce. hence K Sauce
"Dude, this burger is way lame. Pass the K Sauce."
by whatsauce? September 5, 2009
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A dumbass with nothing but luck and determination. He does tend to do things to the best of his abilities, but he always ends up failing in some way or another. He doesn’t get the simple fact that he isn’t going to live up to anything. He’s nothing but a pest, a nuisance to everyone and everything around him. But apart from that, a pretty chill guy. Also he eats ass like no other.
Sauce-K is so cool man like so cool he’s so cool I can’t believe how cool he can be so cool
by No.1 hyperactive dumbass August 23, 2020
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