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jyff: (ji-fe) orig. from the Yiddish, "jiffey" or "to unzip". To jyff is
1. the action of unzippiping another willing person's pants or otherwise lower body covering first initiated in 7th Hour American Literature. If the participant has jyffed another in the past, they then become part of the "jyffists". A jyffist can be jyffed at any time, in any place. It is the intent of every jyffist to act responsibly and to spread jyffism globally.
Ally: Hey what's over there?

Ben: (looks) I don't see everything.

Ally: (unzips his pants) You've been jyffed

Ben: (looks down) Ohhhh!!

Alyy: Ohhh!!
by Pontiff Benjamin August 23, 2008
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