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A puzzle that involves lots of jumping. Combining the words jump and puzzle
Adam: How do we get on the roof?

Bruce: We have to juzzle our way up there
by NegativeCookie February 21, 2015
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When a man has a jizzle party, the women escape by having a Juzzle party. The female members tell stories about their husband/partner/boyfriend's past glizzle's, and imagine the future glizzles that they may have.
"Omg, it was so hard I had to hit it with a broom!"
"A broom!? Better than what happened to my boyfriend, he was so excited I had to use a HOOVER to get it over and done with!"
"A hoover?!?"
"Yeah, it meant that the erection was gone and so was the sex!"
"He doesn't even ask me for wigs for his Jizzle parties anymore, he's THAT scared!"
"Then how did you know about the juzzle party if he wasn't gone?"
"He ran off with a suspiciously large bulge in the front, claiming he'd dropped a brick down his trousers."
by JuzzlePar-TAY! June 27, 2008
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A Juzzle is a rare bread of a person and is very rare to come across. A Juzzle is most happy with a Scuzzle. if you ever find yourself a Juzzle, treat him/her as a god.
"Wow, she's such a juzzle!"
"Yeah dude i know, she's a keeper!"
by MeesisSpeceticals November 14, 2011
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