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-Hey, where's Steve?
-Oh you didn't hear?
-No, what?
-I can't believe you didn't hear!
-No, I was away all week. What happened?!
-Oh man, it was awful. He ripped his junktion scaling a chain-link fence.
-Oh no! That's terrible, I really like Steve.
-Yeah, good guy. He used to tutor my little sister in Algebra II.
-Yeah math was always his thing.
-Not much of a speller though.
-No, terrible speller. Is he going to be ok?
-Well, doctors were able to reapproximate the intersection of his shaft and balls as best they could, but modern medical junktion technology has only come so far.
-Wait a minute. Didn't something happen to his junktion a few months ago?
-Yeah, he fell asleep at the nude beach, second-degree burns all over.
-It has not been a good year for Steve's junktion.
-No, it certainly has not been.
by Cowsocks June 05, 2010
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