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1) Junior Spesh is typically a children's meal such as the Happy Meal @ McDonalds.
However it is heavily used when referring to the lunch time special/children's special meals at Chicken shops.

One pound and fifty pence (£1.50) is a reasonable rate... but remember, mayonaise maybe twenty pence more.

2) Junior Spesh is also used when referring to an attractive younger girl, that you really shouldn't be looking at. Essentially Junior Spesh is another form of word for Jail Bait.

This is fast becoming the preferred use of the word as Junior Spesh's in the sense of food are becoming more expensive these days.
1) "Blud manz getting a Junior Spesh from Sam's ya kno, 2 fillet burgers and 2 fries for £2"

2) "YO MY-SIZE!!!, E-YO MY-SIZE!!!, I don't think that Junior Spesh was on it still"

"Check out that gurl... she is over chung!!!" pointing at a female...
friend replies... "Naw blud, that's Junior Spesh"
by ldndon March 23, 2008
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Often known as a special deal at a chicken shop, which is a deal comprising of chips, chicken and sometimes a drink, seen in many chicken shops across London, such as Chicken Cottage.

It is featured in a song by red hot entertainment called Junior Spesh
Junior Spesh 50 50 50 Pence!

Im gonna cop a junior spesh, mans hungry
by JamaicanVibezz February 26, 2008
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