A very handsome boy. Beautiful and ethereal.

Jun in chinese means handsome.
Yanan and Jun are dating.

ㅡ¡Wow! im happy for him. His boyfriend is such a Junhui.
by seventeen carat October 12, 2020
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An extremely handsome boy part of the boyband SEVENTEEN, also known as Kpop's Emotional Support Boy. He loves cats and is absolutely hilarious.
Junhui best boy
by onlygot17dollars September 2, 2021
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Junhui is a quiet person. He likes to spend time in his phone maybe playing games or reading. He is not that tall but he can be really tall sometimes. Junhui is a shy person but also sarcastic. He is an A+ student. He know how to speak spanish. Junhui show love in his own way so you must pay attention. Junhui seen like a rough person but inside he is baby. He is not the best good looking guy but the best one to fall in love. Junhui love rice. Dont mess with him he can give 'f' easily. He is a busy person and doesnt like to be with a lot of people. He mostly spend time alone. He is a caring and kind. He mostly say idk, who knows, maybe.

Junhui have the prettiest smile and eyes. He have a really unknown humor but sometimes he can be funny.
If he really cares he will see interested. Junhui dont trust people easily so the first impression is the key. He live in his own world so you better dont mess with him. ily<3
Junhui is a cute person.
by gudetama26 pov May 22, 2020
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Handsome and talented boy. The most beautiful.

'Jun' means handsome.
- Jun and Yanan are a couple. I'm so happy for them. They look so cute.
- Wow, Jun is really a junhui, so beautiful.
by Serenity Carat May 15, 2021
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a kinky, gay male usually into people tht end with hao or woo.

a sex bomb full of grease.
nice and caring
"Yo dude, yo such a junhui"
"Can I be your junhui for tonight"
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A very beautiful and handsome man.

Jun means handsome.
- Yanan is so lucky, his boyfriend is Moon Junhui.
-Wow, Junhui, what a beautiful man.
by seventeen carat September 2, 2021
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A beautiful and ethereal boy.

Jun in chinese means handsome.
- Yanan's boyfriend is Junhui.
- Wow, he really is such a Wen Junhui.
by Serenity Carat May 15, 2021
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