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a female junglist. a girl that loves jungle music.
by Jessika! September 23, 2003
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A girl who listens to Jungle/Drum and bass almost religiously. May also be called a "Rudie" Or "Rude girl"

Aka: Meeeeeeee!
"God you're weird, what the fuck are you listening to?!!?"
"Drum and bass, man. Im a Junglette."
by Monkee May 20, 2004
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Junglettes are normally really HOT drum and bass heads :).
They favor hardstep and techstep most of the time and wear dark clothing,kangol and other fidel type black and camo hats,designer sunglasses(If it isn't black or army green it is probably camo) and normally have a junglette hairstyle which is either very dark hair or a very short distinctive flip hairstyle (any color) you can see at most venues. They can also be seen wearing urban wear such as Karmaloop gear or something tasteful from DrJays (NO Baby Phat or G unit)
Zoo York,Triple 5 Soul and Diesel are favorites along with DJ gear and record labels that most people are unaware of.

They listen to drum and bass music religiously and are very rude to candy kids at venues who drop in the dnb room or girls who just came with their boyfriends to be arm candy (and to try to be part of the e puddles sitting on the ground).

NOT all of them are cokeheads,potheads or alcoholics regardless of what you think of the scene. Some of them dj on the side from their 9to5 and probably know more about Mackies,Shures and MK2s than any other girl in rave/urban culture.

She loves graffiti,art,all the other elements of hip hop culture (without the Malibu's most wanted) and downtown at night of course.

The typical junglette has to have a bomb ass system in their imported car to bump their DnB in because unlike you listenin to talk radio on the way to work the junglette needs to hear DnB 24/7 as her stress reliever. She often gets WTF is she listening to that is shakin the ground looks from people at stoplights...but it might be cause she is cute too who knows :P.

She normally despises mainstream music because unlike 99.9% of the population she knows there is better out there.

Most junglettes some time in their life will think about packing up their bags and heading to London if they are not living there already so they can hear that VALVE soundsystem that is heaven to the ears.

Most junglettes do have a Bitch attitude towards people.... I will admit that...but have enough candy kids trying to give you light shows in your face when your not rolling because unlike them you were strictly there for the music (and wanting to actually remember a set the next day)you would be too.

They have all seen Human Traffic,Go and Groove and prefers it if URB keeps their new favorite dj unknown to the masses.

A Junglette knows how to two step way better than that hardcore bitch at that SXE show. A Junglette is ME :)
Look at that hot junglette two steppin over there by those JBLs.
by mzjunglette June 02, 2007
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female junglist. often seen with a spliff and a blck or white kangol hat.
or a female fan of jungle
that weird girl in my law class
by Pubert Qubert Quakenbush April 03, 2003
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