Female: Long story short, Julietta is Sweet,Cute,Outgoing, Athletic, Funny, Always smiles, and is empathetic(Understands how you feel). Some people also Call Julietta Julie as a Nickname. If you ever meet a Julietta(Pretty rare) Then try to keep her as a friend.
Friend 1. Is that Your girlfriend?
Friend 2. Yeah...why?
Friend 1. She just has that smile... Like a Julietta would...
Friend 2. She sure does.
by BaconBytesYT January 28, 2018
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Another way to write Juliet. A girl who is deeply distracted by tradgity around her. She surrounds herself by laughter and smiles. She helps other with problems and is very socially intelligent. She also has the ability to adapt easily. Julietta is also a way to compliment another by saying they are mature and uprising.
Lately, you've been being a Julietta. All smiles and no complaining.
by mycenaeanScript April 12, 2011
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someone with a large but sexy forehead. Unfortunately they stress too much which leads to the loss of their hair.
Damn she's a fine ass julietta mb
by shiftyteammm March 6, 2022
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