Julea is a beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking girl. She is extremely stubborn and tries to do things her own way. She is blind to how beautiful she is and as much as people tell her, she still denies it. Many guys are attracted to Julea on the down low. When it comes to guys, she isn’t the best at expressing her feelings or flirting but she believes the right guy will come into her life at some point. Julea is also a great friend. Once you get to know her she is crazy and a dummy person to be around. At school Julea has many friends but only has one or two friends she truly enjoys being around. She is a great listener and can keep any secret you tell her. Julea will always have your back and still up for her friends if anyone tries to hurt them. Julea is also very family oriented. She is very close to her siblings and they are a very important part of her life. Overall Julea is a great person to be around and is a good person to get to know.
girl one: “That girl over there is so funny and is really chill
girl two: “It must be Julea”

guy one: “that girl over there is badddd😍”
guy two: “Right! Her name is Julea”
by uaintgonfindoutwhothisis March 23, 2019
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