A conceited individual with a tiny penis that dances and plays frisbee to compensate for his tiny manhood. He preys on unsuspecting, young, V-club members and tries to take their innocence away, until he drops his pants and reveals his tiny package.
That guy I thought was so cool turned out to be a huge jujubean
by cricket1986 July 19, 2010
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A small oval round shaped candy that you smoke crack in. Then you put a juju on the ground and you turn it all around then you step on it.
Yo son pass that hard hard yo, we need to get me dat juju bean kid!
by poopstick master January 21, 2011
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A name that isnt anti-semetic towards jewish people
A common name to call someone who is jewish
hey ju ju bean, do you want to play poker tonight
by Aaronian April 04, 2008
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Friend zoned or side piece. A candy that sticks to yo teeth and wont leave unless you floss it out of ur memory.
Yo bruh she gonna Juju bean you! Don't waste your time.
by RubbaDucky84 December 02, 2017
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