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When a female squirts pussy juice into a shot glass and a guy (or girl) takes the shot and then shouts, "Juicy Julie!"
"Dude, I got totally shitfaced off of juicy julies last night and I felt sick all day at work. I dont know why I do it."
by Dr. Ron August 06, 2008
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"Juicy Julie" is the opponent to the general humanistic ideal of aesthetic beauty. The alpha female's name is created under the sensually manipulated illusion of an extremely juicy, mighty and powerful goddess of heavenly gifts and naughty nature with one hell of a fat and bountiful bottom like the best sort of feast.
"O Mirror, Mirror! On the Wall, Who is the Juiciest of Them All?!" asks Plastic Bottom Nicki Minaj and Brazing Bottom Kim Kardashian, both confident in the anticipation of the Mirror's reply.
"JUICY JULIE! She is the Juiciest of Them ALL!" The Mirror roars as an unquiet horror falls upon the big, fat booties of the room; one of whom had broke the internet and the other who teased an anaconda. They had sacrificed so much for the size of their bums...
by PoppetsPlace February 17, 2015
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