A Juggalo(Juggalette being the feminine version) is a person that listens to and follows a group from the Psychopathic Records. Most feel like outcasts and turn to other Juggalos/Lettes to hang out with them,Juggalos/Lettes listen to what they want,dress in what they want,and usually wear paint on their faces to appear as "Clowns" from the Juggalo/lette family.Most/All Juggalos/lettes do not approve of or listen to mainstream.
Juggalo/lette:Wearing face paint and listening to their Ipod.

Guy/girl:drives by listening to Eminem/Justine Beaver on the radio

Juggalo/lette:Turns their music up.
by Hated4Life July 26, 2011
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The best fuckin family a guy could ask for. Im "down with the clown" so please lock up ur daughters, wifes, any any animals u have. I didnt see 1 good definition for a juggalo/lette, so i thought id give ppl a different point of view. I love my juggalo friend. i hate u. some people r retarted juggalos who have no clue what the fuck they r talking about, or what kind of image they are sending out. i love them. i hate you. We live and die for eachother, because weve been rejected by every1 else, the juggalos love u cuz u got no1 else, ur family kicked u out, and u have a strange attraction 2 dead bodies and animals. We enjoy the sight of blood and dismembered body parts and we LOVE any1 whos down with the clown... im high on acid and ive been smoking weed... and drinking... im its 4:54am... and i just commited a murder and then fucked some moose in canada eh... so take nothing ive said as fact or fiction. please kill urself
The juggalo/lette #1 Hi, im a juggalo. Please lock up ur daughters, wifes, any any animals u have. and be careful cuz i may murder you for no reason.

The not juggalo #1 Ok.

The juggalo/lette #2. Lets go dig up a body and have sex with it, its way better than having sex with a real person (who isnt a sexy ass ninjalette) because all you need is a blowdryer.

The cow #1 so ur gonna leave me just like that?
by Juggalo Fam July 11, 2010
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A JVM(Juggalo/Lette Video Maker) was a term created for people who contantly make "Fan-videos" for Psychopathic Records and other Underground Record labels. Theres over 15 JVMs currently on Youtube. The term was created by JD The Gameboy in 2007.
"Hey Shawn you check tiztd's new video?"
"Yea hes a real sick JVM(Juggalo/Lette Video Maker)"
by S For Vendetta February 10, 2008
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