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A Juggalo(Juggalette being the feminine version) is a person that listens to and follows a group from the Psychopathic Records. Most feel like outcasts and turn to other Juggalos/Lettes to hang out with them,Juggalos/Lettes listen to what they want,dress in what they want,and usually wear paint on their faces to appear as "Clowns" from the Juggalo/lette family.Most/All Juggalos/lettes do not approve of or listen to mainstream.
Juggalo/lette:Wearing face paint and listening to their Ipod.

Guy/girl:drives by listening to Eminem/Justine Beaver on the radio

Juggalo/lette:Turns their music up.
by Hated4Life July 26, 2011
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