The poping noise in the base of the penis which is caused when the direction of the penis in the vagina is forced to far to the left or right.

The Jud-y is often in conjunction with a Wallach.
Greg: "I was beating cheeks with the old bag when I heard something fall off the night stand. I jerked my body to the side to see what it was and I Jud-yed so loud I thought I might have to go to the hospital."

Curt: "Criminy"
by Brian Kang March 04, 2005
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A term for cocaine originating from cocaine's resemblence to Judy Jetson's hair.
Hey, are you bringing Judy over later?
by The North End Pirates January 27, 2006
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Judy is the most bestest person in the world she is really loving and kind but she doesn't like to messed about she may not be perfect and all today's news but she is perfect on the inside I hope you read this and let any Judy's you know about this because they deserve it because the are hardworking women
She is not that pretty so that makes her such a Judy!
by Glitterbombmidget November 06, 2017
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Slang term for cocaine. The term refers specifically to cartoon character Judy Jetson, referencing the white color of her hair and how it calls to mind the white color of sweet, sweet cocaine. "Judy" can also be used as code in conversation, so as to refer to the drug without calling undue attention to one's illicit habits, as well as for humorous effect.
1. Judy's been such a frenemy.
2. Will Judy be at so-and-so's house tonight?
by P-8 September 03, 2008
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Used primarily among gay men to refer to a vagina, or to one's own mangina.
I'd love to go out tonight -- but first I've got to run a towel through my judy.
by Lady Wyllie June 23, 2006
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A mother who gives males service of pleasure. She goes on many "business" trips. Now the name can be filled in as an adjective, verb, or noun anywhere in a sentence to replace a sexual preference.
B: so what did you and that chick do last night?

D: Oh she totally gave me a Judy.
by MEGASTEWZ August 18, 2008
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