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Juchoes has become somewhat of an intercollegiate celebrity, taking the west side of Michgian and abroad by storm. But many people are confused, who, or what, is Juchoes?

Scholars maintain that the meaning was lost during the Spanish Inquistition, when the "keepers of the lost scrolls" were brutally murdered. These men were the keepers of the meaning of Juchoes. were found handcuffed to goats in a Northern region of Syria, castrated and stabbed to death. Some persist that this was a political move by roving militias from southern Tajikstan.

This left the true meaning of "Juchoes" to be interperted by any and all. The most globally accepted explaination is a combination of the name "Juan" (pronounced "Jew-on") and Chode (a slang term for a penis which is wider than it is long). But what does this all mean? Who is this Juan? And why is his supposed chode so infamous?

This is something we may never know.
Used as an explitive: "What in Juchoes' name?"

As a noun: "God, I can't wait to get all of this Juchoes off me."

As an adjective: "That shit is so Juchoes."

As a verb: "I've been Juchoesing all day."
by beurkens April 25, 2007
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