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Short for Juan Sebastian, Juanse works magic with the ladies; somehow he manages to get girlfriend after girlfriend as well as partners to cheat on them with! Juanse is naturally incompatible with Argentinians (especially Lihuel) since his sophisticated debating style is does not sit well with their stubbornness and incoherent logic. He is loved by the majority, but those who hate him do so with a burning fiery passion (this particular group is composed mainly by his ex-girlfriends). As such, Juanse has had to endure being on the receiving end of violent demeanors. In fact, there is a permanent slap-shaped scar imprinted on his otherwise impeccable face.
Girl: Juanse, did you cheat on me?
Juanse: What, you thought you were the only juan?
by iamjuanse September 22, 2016
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