The nicest boy you'd ever meet. Sweet, and knows when something is wrong and will be there for you through it all. Needs to be cherished for eternity because they are just that amazing. Careful, you might just fall in love! And if you do, then be ready for gentle cuddles and holding hands and other cute things.
"Get yoself a gotdamn Juanjose!"
by a fuckin pinto bean May 8, 2018
Juanjose is one of the best people you could meet. His personality is one of a kind. He's one of the funniest people. He can be sarcastic and stubborn at times. He's smart and understanding. He's there for you. He knows how to treat a girl and make her feel special. He's a jealous guy when in a relationship only because he's afraid to lose you. He's romantic and will go through so much just to stay by your side. He's a guy with real feelings and will know how to make you smile even on your worst days. He'll make you feel worth more then what you think. You'll never wanna leave his side. Juan is basically perfect. He is kind of caring and a juanjose goes best with the girl franchesskaJulia 🖤
Get yourself a JuanJose :)
by Whyhackyou January 2, 2019