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Josselyn: Derived from the Greek goddess of art, Josselena. Josselena was worshipped for her great beauty and the beauty of her creations. Zeus was said to have marveled: “Her smile has the light of a thousand suns”. Legend has it her charming disposition would instantly turn to a dark rage when confronted with her nemesis, Kumon.
Sophie's radiant beauty reminded Andrew of Josselyn.
by VZVZ February 04, 2010
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A very beautiful girl, who loves the people that are close to her. She says she has a cold heart but all it takes is someone to help her realize how warm her heart really is. She is very clever and intelligent, has a dark sense of humor which can honestly make almost anyone laugh. She has many secrets and does not like opening up to people but if you are there for her and show her that you actually care she will slowly begin to open up to you. Don't mess with her feelings and don't use her or be a jerk to her because she is honestly one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She will always be there for you and her short stature and adorable personality can make you heart melt. She is very cute and just overall amazing.
Anyone who is in Josselyn's small circle of trust is very lucky and anyone who is dating a Josselyn is lucky to have her.

Josselyn mostly loves herself and the very few people around her that she can trust and are always there for her.

For some time, she will only love herself and all she will want is herself but at some point in the near future, all of that will change.
by theoutsideman August 19, 2017
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Josselyn is the meaning of a beautiful strong independent woman who can make her own decisions and doesn't depend on no one she's also very carrying about someone when it comes to helping others it's one of her strengths one of her weaknesses is to hear someone who's down or upset josselyn can be a very outgoing person if you did deep into her emotions and actually hear her out she can actually be annoyed by what you say if you say incorrectly she can have a warm heart when it comes to her feelings she's a tall brown hair and brown eyes she can forget about things easily and forgive easily she can also be feisty when she has to be and can make you laugh when you're down or mad
Josselyn your so sweet.
by DIANA177 November 17, 2018
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The most beaitufil girl you'll ever lay eyes on. Flirts with many guys and when she walks into a room , she makes guys drool.she has a nice pair of ta-tas. Fantastic kisser and has sexy looks. She is very insecure about herself but guys try to help her out. Mos of her friends are guys. She is very romantic, sexual, and loves to do dirty things. People see her as an innocent little girl but when you get to know her she's very sexual. Very smart and beautiful. Loves math.when in a relationship she tries to be loyal but she can get tired of the same guy and cheats. She has game.she listens to people but doesn't really care what they have to say. She only cares for her love ones and friends. Very tought and strong. Has a cold heart but she can be nice when she desires.shes a fighter no one can beat her at something or mess with her.she says I love you to her love one. But barely means it. She doesn't like to talk about her feelings or anything.
Tom: dang look at that girl
Bill: she's like any other girls
Tom: no, she's a Josselyn
Bill: dayum,let me get her number
by Jacob deguzzi March 30, 2013
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