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1. The leader. The one in the work or other social circle that swags the most when walking. Typically the Joshtimus rocks ballin' ass shit like dope ass watches and tie clips. Usually a male, but female's can also be the Joshtimus of their clique. He or she always has leather interior in their vehicles. They are highly regarded and desired.
2. A guy in his 30's that loves Transformers, especially Optimus Prime. He is likely to have subtle remnants of his Optimus affection such as metal decals (usually on tie clips or vehicles). He is also likely to have an Optimus Prime helmet and images of Transformers on his Facebook page.
3. A DJ that keeps the crowd moving and kicks bitches off the stage for doing dumb shit.
"Yo, that Joshtimus is a Klinester, did you see how he swagged into the room and everyone got sucked in like a tractor beam?"

Chick- "Wow, who the hell was that wearing the Optimus Prime helmet?" Dude"Just a goofy ass Joshtimus trying to relive the childhood he didn't have"

"That drunk bitch put her hand on Joshtimus' DJ equipment and next thing you know security was dragging her ass out. Most people know better than to touch a Joshtimus' shit!"
by Midjesus January 30, 2014
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