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1) A girl version of the name Josh.
2) A girl that has parents who had to compromise on two names, Josh and Lynn.
3) Very rare name for a girl, mostly found in Louisiana and Alabama.

Joshlyn is soo beautiful; too bad she quit the arcade and moved.
by Levi Gant Shrek May 20, 2008
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The loving girlfriend of “Jeff_74_”
The name originated from two Mexican drug lords who couldn’t decide if they wanted to name there child josh or lyn. After a bizzare murder case, the remaining parent decided as a tribute, to name the child a collab of the two names proposed. (Joshlyn)
Ps, not to be confused with Jocelyn Flores
“Oh shit!1!1!1 is that Joshlyn???? I heard she took it up the ass last night!1!1!1
by Dick gergson October 05, 2018
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