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The most amazingly adorable guy you will ever date. He's very sweet and a perfect gentleman. He has a great smile and can always cheer you up. He's handsome and strong but would never try to take advantage of anyone. Every girl wants a Joshiepoo!
Girl #1: Wow! Whoever gave you those flowers is so sweet!
Girl #2: I know! He's such a Joshiepoo!
Girl #1: I need to get myself a Joshiepoo!
by Joshiepoolover15 February 18, 2013
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A scum bag who will do anything to get into a girls pants and most people refer to him as a man whore. his standards: if she has a vagina, he would fuck her. Annoying at most times but makes the horse neigh ;)
did you hear about the girl no one likes and who is insanely ugly? she got fucked by joshiepoo.
by CJ CHARLES POKEMON October 06, 2012
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