The fight that happened on April 24 2021 in where people named Josh fought it out until only one was standing. Josh Won
Person 1: Did you hear about the Josh fight?
Person 2: Yeah I think Josh won
by Cupofjoe1000 April 24, 2021
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A battle between 7 men who share the same name, Josh, that is scheduled to take place at 40.822329, -96.798200, the exact coordinates to a field in Nebraska with the exact address being Northwest 56th Street, Lancaster County, NE 68524, USA where the fight is to be held on April 24, 2021 at 12:00 pm MDT.

It originated from a Facebook post where a person added 7 men, all named Josh, to a group chat and proposed that a battle be held at the aforementioned time and place where the victor would receive the prize of keeping his name. Around March 2021 when the day of the battle grew closer, the meme once again went viral, this time with the expectation that anyone with the name Josh would show up.
Person 1: Josh is totally gonna' win the Josh Fight!
Person 2: Are you kidding me? Josh is going to be the last man standing for sure!
Person 3: Both of you are idiots. Josh is obviously going to obliterate Josh easily.
by Shnook April 24, 2021
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A yearly event where all people contending for the name Josh duke it out in a midwestern field with foam swords. To the committed, it is agreed that only the winner can keep their name as Josh. The all-time champion of this event is known on the streets as 'Little Josh'. It is said there is no battle more prestigious than that of the Josh Fight. The event is coordinated, appropriately, by a Josh as of recent knowledge. It is unknown whether his name will change due to the victory of 'Little Josh'.
Where were you during the great Josh Fight of '21?
by WasabiThumbs April 25, 2021
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Josh fight, a meme that was created a year ago which has became a reality, one Josh in Nebraska takes the crown, only one keeps the name Josh.
Josh: bro did you heard about the winner of Josh fight?

Josh: yeah, that 5 years old destroyed!
by JoshFightWin April 24, 2021
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A sentence used to challenge someone with the same name as yours to mock fight.The person that looses the fight cannot keep it's name.
Person 1:"You have no right to have that name,I challenge you to a Josh fight!"
Person 2:"Fine,where and when shall we meet?"
by Praenuntient April 25, 2021
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