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A battle between 7 men who share the same name, Josh, that is scheduled to take place at 40.822329, -96.798200, the exact coordinates to a field in Nebraska with the exact address being Northwest 56th Street, Lancaster County, NE 68524, USA where the fight is to be held on April 24, 2021 at 12:00 pm MDT.

It originated from a Facebook post where a person added 7 men, all named Josh, to a group chat and proposed that a battle be held at the aforementioned time and place where the victor would receive the prize of keeping his name. Around March 2021 when the day of the battle grew closer, the meme once again went viral, this time with the expectation that anyone with the name Josh would show up.
Person 1: Josh is totally gonna' win the Josh Fight!
Person 2: Are you kidding me? Josh is going to be the last man standing for sure!
Person 3: Both of you are idiots. Josh is obviously going to obliterate Josh easily.
by Shnook April 24, 2021
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(Dating/relationships definition of “Blackpill”)

The Blackpill ideology claims that physical attractiveness is the primary determining factor in dating and relationship success. Unlike the Bluebill and Redpill ideologies, Blackpill maintains that the effects that physical appearance has on one’s performance and results in the dating world cannot be remedied by improving personality, clothing, hairstyle or hygiene. Any non-physical characteristics, such as personality, will simply be shadowed by one’s physical appearance which include facial proportionality, height, body fat percentage and frame. The theory also holds that women generally want to ‘date up’ (hypergamy) and tend to look for men who are higher than them in status and attractiveness which leaves average men with even less options.

Common misconception of the Blackpill are that it's a nihilistic viewpoint that is solely expounded by Incels. In reality, Blackpill is entirely descriptive and makes no prescriptions as to what someone ought to feel about this realization. That is up to the individual. Secondly, one need not necessarily be an Incel to be blackpilled.
Guy 1: "Dude, what was your biggest Blackpill realization moment?"
Guy 2: "When by best female friend of 5 years ended up dating my chad best friend who she only met 2 days ago....."
by Shnook March 21, 2022
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Critical race theory (CRT) is a legal and sociological framework for analyzing how racial power relations in society work to maintain unequal socioeconomic outcomes for people of different racial groups, often in such a way that benefits the dominant racial group at the expense of marginalized racial groups. Beyond merely analyzing racial power relations, CRT also seeks to actively change the status quo to allow for a more equitable society for people of all racial groups.


CRT has been influenced by fields such as Critical legal studies and Feminist legal theory and began in the 1970s when scholars and activists sought to understand why the social progress from the civil rights era had seemingly stagnated.

Scholars and authors:

Derrick Bell, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Richard Delgado, Cheryl Harris, Jean Stefancic, Alan Freeman, Charles R. Lawrence III, Mari Matsuda, and Patricia J. Williams.

Assertions and terminology:
(1) Systemic racism is the default and perpetual state of affairs in society.

(2) Race is a social construct that arose as a means by which to further expand class stratification.
(3) White people have benefited the most from civil rights legislation.

(4) Color blindness perpetuates racial inequality.

(5) Whiteness as property.
(6) Interest Convergence.
(7) Storytelling/Counter-Storytelling.

Disclaimer: These are just the arguments made by proponents of CRT, not universal absolute truth.
Person 1: "Have you heard that they're trying to implement Critical race theory into the k-12 curriculum? How do you feel about it?"

Person 2: "I have heard of it. But since I am not especially educated on the topic of CRT, I think it's best for me to withhold judgement before making irrational and erroneous claims about a concept that I can't even adequately define.
by Shnook May 24, 2021
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