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cute, funny, loving, caring, loves hanging out with boys, stands up for her best friends, VERY HOT!!!!!, cant keep her hands off people (her crush), has good grades, loves art, and is just so pretty fucking great!!!!!!!!
by joseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy November 16, 2016
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cute gurl that seems like an imogen but turns out to be an expert in some real freakyfooling around.
dam that school gurl is a joseline!
by blakejake March 21, 2008
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The most beautiful girl in the world! She's the one who is always smiling! She gets whatever ever she wants but loves to save money. She always stays clean. Fabulous and Fuckable! She's the girl every guy thinks is extremely cute.
Ooo why can't I be like Joseline!
by Christmasishere December 04, 2016
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loves drawing loves animals likes hanging out with guys more can be a bitch and a pain in the ass likes warewolfs
very funny and can be a baby cry sometimes wen she dosent get wat she wants sometimes likes to takes ppls clothes and wear it the next day very lazy
sister:joseline clean your room

joseline:no shut up
sister:hurry up
sister wins and joseline cring and tells mom and sister gets in trouble
by bestloverever March 04, 2012
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Very pretty dark shinny beautiful hair lovess to hang out with boys and always defends her friend. Can't let go of her crush (bf). Her smile is soooo contagious and she loves like never before. She always in style. Never is a fake friend.
OMG is that , oh snap that is a Joseline she soooo bomb I wish I was like her .
by Allllllllllllliiiiiii March 04, 2017
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LOUD!!! Funny, rude, hilarius, dances on tables at random, unexpected moments to the radio! Makes the work place a splendid place to me!!! Gorgeous girl, talk, dark hair, nice arse, obsessions with boobs and va-jay-jays.

Stupid hoe
Holy shit, I woke up this morning feeling just like a Joseline
by Bitchwithcrabs June 25, 2012
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A hairy creature typically found in the woods. She normally eats trash left behind by campers and used tampons
Watch out for joseline! She smells period blood!
by Lee_andrew July 03, 2016
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