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Someone that's perfect in every way you can imagine, but doesn't know it. She looks cute at every single angle. Her smile can fill up a person with happiness easily. Her eyes are just love traps, once you fall in them you can never escape. Her affection and love is a addicting drug. Not loving her is almost impossible.
Having a Joselin in your life is basically having everything in the world.
by Joselin's nigga June 30, 2018
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A beautiful, smart girl that is envied by alot of slutty people. She always has people who she can depend on. She loves to hang around her family and friends. Joselin always has a positive attitude toward anything...except towards the backstabbers. If there is something Joselin hates, its..people talking behind her back..and 2 faced bitches!!!!! She is not a afraid for a challenge and is very brave!
Wow, Joselin sure is someone I'd like to date!
by Jb~soccerlover February 11, 2010
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joselin is pain In the butt she so annoying but so pretty she taken when you give something you soo happy she has depression so badly she is a baddie she has a good best friend she loves a lot people but she does hate people but wants to get in a fight but she really nice funny she pulls hair a lot
Joselin is funny 😆
by Hellocousin April 21, 2019
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This name is illegal. If you use it, you will have to pay the price. No body in this country owns it. Not even your GOD. GOD can not give this name to you. I know because he is so ugly because he can not pay for it. Its usually for illegal homeless, unlucky people without ID. This name will make sure you can not even get a job legally. That is it homeless. No one loves you. Gay who wants a wife than she wants money trying to sell your penis.
Joselin is so fucking guly.
by homeless illegal immergent March 07, 2019
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