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The name Jorjie-Belle is two names together, singular meanings are;
Jorjie; Pronounced Geor-gie, is of Greek origin. The meaning of Georgie/Jorjie is Farmer, hard worker.
Jorjie is a diminutive (nickname) of Georgia.

Belle; is of French origin. The meaning of Belle is beautiful.
Belle is a diminutive (nickname) of Isabel, Isabelle, Isabella, Annabelle.

With the two names togehter, Jorjie-Belle means Beautiful Farm Girl.

Characteristics of girls who have the names Jorjie (Georgie) or Belle;
Interesting & entertaining, highly intelligent, vigorous, adaptable, they are gentle souls with kind warm hearts. Chatty/talkative, with a great sense of humor. These girls are extremely trustworthy, reliable, creative and very beautiful.
They love to entertain & flourish when the spotlight is upon them. They can be loud and boisterous, with a contagious laugh. Yet remain gracefully humble.

To sum them up;

Jorjie-Belle/Jorjie/Georgie/Belle/Bella are unique, faithful and one that you'll want to keep in your life forever.
Jorjie-Belle is a true beauty. She has a heart of gold.

A girls name.
by Ikidyounot July 02, 2014
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