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An excellent musician whose musical ambrosia brings hope and happiness to all.
Electricity wires are down,
Rainbow colours fade into brown,
I dreamt your smile was shifting for good,
Courageous boy, now you are gone,
You run faster, yet have no place to go,
Your spirit still burns, and so life goes on...

from Jonsi's "Boy Lilikoi"
by Glósóli February 12, 2010
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The most wonderful, amazing person you can ever ask for. He's there for you when you're down and knows just how to make you smile and brighten up your day. He has a way of making you blush by saying sweet things. He can get jealous of course, but that means he loves you very much. He's very protective of the one he loves, not to mention he's adorable and utterly handsome. His smile is enough to set you for the day, and him saying the words " I love you " just makes you want to smother him with love.
There's nothing out there that can top such a magnificent person as him... <3
Yeah, isn't Jonsi the greatest?
by Prince Alex January 23, 2013
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A cigarette, more specifically a hand rolled cigarette. Sometimes refers to a joint or cannabis cigarette.
Hey bra, can you roll me a jonsi?
by Lorneyc February 04, 2010
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