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A popular fan ship in Game of Thrones pairing together Jon Snow and his sister-turned-cousin Sansa Stark. Disliked by a large portion of the fan base.
Tom: What's you're favourite jonsa scene?
Luke: I dunno, I'm not really into that...
by hahanothinbro April 04, 2019
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A disgusting ship in Game of Thrones that suggests Jon Snow and Sansa Stark will be a couple. It is a plague on the Game of Thrones community.
Jonsa shipper: Did you see the scene where Jon reunited with Sansa?! It was epic, I know they are going to be a great couple!
Normal person: Get the fuck out.
by kingkong32 September 26, 2018
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a crackship in game of thrones that got every theories right but the shippers got bullied and harrassed by jonerys fandom and people who thought dany will never become evil ever.
bnf guy: i cant believe the shippers got it right, man, jonsas are good at this

a pressed jonerys shipper: they can have the correct theories but they can never have a canon ship where half of the pairing killed the other uwu
by melli918 July 27, 2019
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