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French Guy or Girl whatever : Hello Jome! Am i using the right american slang?

American : Yeah Sure I guess
by ᴛᴀᴄᴏʙᴇʟʟ July 11, 2018
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Short for "Do you know what im saying" used to talk about anything you get excited about but usually hot girls or food.
1) "Look at that girl... Shes a Jome"
2) "Look at those nachos... Jome"
by row33 October 14, 2010
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a full condom...or "dome" ie: the Dome is full of Jizz....hence: Jome
Eww....Someone left a Jome in the Sink!!
by the definition team! March 05, 2004
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Jome is often used by HighSchool Students (specifically boys) to annoy each other by giving it random and usually provocative meanings
Jeff: Hey Chad! Did you see the new Tobey McGuire Movie??
Chad: Hellz yeahh! He's such a jome!

Samuel: Hey buddy, watch your language or I'm gonna JOME you!! ...nohomo tho!
Buddy: WOahh! relax bro, I'm still a minor!
by Tobey Mcaddy February 28, 2019
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describes anything you want it to, to annoy people because it can mean anything, it a verb noun adjective, the whole thing

The gabbstah made this word up btw
you are such a jome.
lets go jomin'.
sup jome.
What that jome?
by the Gabbstahh October 12, 2010
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