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The type of person that when they walk into a room looks huggable. - Key & Peele (on Hot Ones)
He came in looking like a joink and I had to hug him.
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by KingGeorgeVI'95 June 26, 2018
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Verb - An action that when marked by the exclamation of the word in conjunction with taking an object, immediately transfers absolute, inarguable, legal ownership from the original owner to the person using the word regardless of previous property rights.
For the joink to be valid, the joinker must fully remove the joinked object/subject (oh yes, it is doable, but only the bravest dare even attempt to pull off a subject-joink) from the joinkee. Like between swords in a Devil's Threesome, there must be NO contact between the joinkee and joinked object/subject for the joink to be valid.

"-Gods damn it!
I cherished my dane axe, but I had to forge a new one when my brother came out of nowhere and joyfully exclaimed, "JOINK!" while taking it from my belt before I could react.
Now I can't even axe him to get it back to me!"
by LepraBoy June 10, 2014
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(in cs when enemy walks infront of u and he didnt noticed you so kill him with a knife): JOINK!!!
by joinker March 07, 2019
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When a girl realises the repulsiveness of the man she is blowing halfway through and decides against having any further physical interaction.
Seagull: Well there she was going down on me and, at the worst time, sobriety hits her and 'joink', she was gone!
by Kenny Evil May 31, 2007
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