or known as Johore, is a state of Malaysia in the south of the Malay Peninsula.
Johore is a fast growing state
by sailorMakoto December 13, 2018
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The most awful place on earth, even the word 'awful' is too holy to describe how unpleasant/unappealing that place is, need to wash both hands and mouth everytime we Malaysian type or say the name of that place. Most Malaysian refer the name 'Batu Pahat Johor' as something irritating and dreadful
Kamarul! Please flush the toilet after you use it! we don't wanna see and smell your Batu Pahat on the toilet bowl !!!!

Azri : Where did you go just now kamal?

Kamal : Toilet man, need to drop loads of Batu Pahat Johor in my tummy

I need to buy a new shoes, because i stepped on Batu Pahat yesterday, so disgusting!

John : Hey Jo, Where you rather go? Hell or Batu Pa-

Joseph : Mann don't finish that question! hell all day eryday!
by Bres Pump August 8, 2022
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