Rich young Canadian singer who got his parents to make him famous. He is friends with Jacob Sartorius and gets a lot of hate. Famous song: Let go
“Omg, johnny Orlando is on tour, I have to go see him!”
by Tjejtn n October 03, 2017
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Johnny Orlando is the cutest and romanticest guy you will ever know. He is perfect in singing and lots of sports! He loves relationships with girls named Maya so be ready for your dreamboy --> Mayas 😏
He has also a very big dick and is actually so good in a bed❤ He loves kids, will never let a girl alone and always keep his girl safe from others!!!
Girl: I am in a relationship with Johnny Orlando...
Other Girl: No way! Omg he is the cutest guy of the world!
Girl: Year I know, I am so happy
by Johnny_my_boyfriend January 03, 2017
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