A talented, amazing man. Incredibly creative.
Humble and down to earth.

Appreciated by men and women alike.

Has more talent in his little finger than most people have in their entire body. You could probably smell it.
Not overrated.

Oozes sex appeal.
Aided by the way he handles/plays a guitar.

See also definition 6: of God
johnnygasm and
I want to lick Johnny Depp's face.

I want a go on Johnny Depp.

*"johnny depp, you're hip
i'd like to bite your lower lip
and scrunch your edward scissor hair
Johnny bear"

*lyrics - johnny depp by Amy anne band
by LeahSade November 21, 2006
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The son of God. The sexiest man alive. I wish I were his wife, that lucky mutha. Hey, maybe when his son is a bit older, we'll get to drool all over him too, neh?
Johnny Depp should be a lollypop.
Johnny Depp should be a Blow-up doll.
Johnny Depp should be a RELIGION!
by Somebody December 16, 2003
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Johnny Depp is my Purple Rose of Cairo, he is what I want I wanted to be, he is an angel in human form.
Look at his face, feel his empathy. And you will agree: Johnny Depp is an angel.
by jeaney September 17, 2006
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yummiest guy in the world-its not eyeliner its coal-hes fukkin funny in pirates-hes awsome in his other movies too-brill acter-cant believe hes forty-vanessa paradice(?) is the luckiest woman in the world
Johnny Depp has his daughter's name tatooed over his heart.(isnt that sweet?)
by Jaclyn-Toni November 26, 2003
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he is too beautiful for words.
his beauty,style,acting,voice,looooooooks, everything is perfect. He is one of the best and hottest actors alive. His movies are the best and he is becoming very successful and hott. he is himself and I respect that. and looks hella good in eyeliner.
whoa johnny depp is one hunk. especially with all that eyeliner... whoaa i want him.
by britttttt. October 21, 2006
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johnny depp the sexiest man ever. i wish he wasn't so old cuz then i would fuck him. hes so beautiful! hes also a great actor
johnny depp is so sexy as crybaby in the movie!!!
by crybaby...wow! December 06, 2006
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One of the most overrated actors that has ever lived. Johnny Depp has played about four roles that have been worth a damn: Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, and Gilbert Grape, and Sir James Matthew Barrie. People today like to equate looks with skill, and better looking people get their skills vastly overblown. I don't dispute he is quite the looker, but to say he's one of the greatest actors that's ever lived is simply assinine. He is no legend, he's a decent actor at best. He's played blandly "eccentric" characters in every single movie he's been in. If he didn't have a pretty face he would NOTHING.
If Johnny Depp wasn't so good looking, no one would think he's nearly as talented as people do now.
by TheVoiceOfReason June 26, 2005
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