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The biggest loser in the world. Thinks he's Black But Whiter Than StarBucks. Fag Bag. Thinks He's Cool but gay
John G thinks he's cool but not
by JØHNANATOR September 05, 2016
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The people with these initials normally have little confidence in themselves. The source of this inconsistency is due to his under average penis. These people also normally have crust on an extremitie.
"Why is he such a pussy? Oh its because he's a John G."

"Why did John G. not stand up for himself?"
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by Thebrownbag March 01, 2018
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This boy is unique. You will never find someone as perfect as him. John G will always go with his girlfriend Dayana. His girlfriend loves him. This is John G the best boyfriend, friend, human of the whole planet. He plays the guitar, sings, does music perfectly, what else can you ask for?
by S._dc February 01, 2018
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