This boy is unique. You will never find someone as perfect as him. John G will always go with his girlfriend Dayana. His girlfriend loves him. This is John G the best boyfriend, friend, human of the whole planet. He plays the guitar, sings, does music perfectly, what else can you ask for?
by S._dc February 1, 2018
John with a G or, Gohn <3

John with a g (gohn) is a really cool dude. He likes to go to Kelley’s market and is pretty cool. He likes to hang out with Pedro the banana and his pet frog. They like to get high off mushrooms and sucker juice.
Girl: omg gohn is so hot!

Boy: he prefers the titleJohn with a g
by Iris<3 April 28, 2022
a long john with room on the sides for titties
she falls asleep with me placing her titties in my long johns where her mum sew in bulges on the sides. we call em melon-g-johns.
by Bad Translator August 12, 2019