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Two words used to describe a smart, sexy, way too hot for his age, sweet, bright being.

Joey Martin is a person who is loved by everyone. Maybe hated by some, but loved by lots more. Especially his best friends, they cant get enough of him.
JM is as well a person who is way hot and sexy. Usually with dark brown hair and brown eyes these joeys know how to work their magical charm.

Adjs- Smart, funny, romantic, unique, smooth, cute, sexy, affectionate, loveable.
Known to have "pink taco on the brain" many times during the day. Knows how to have a good time *wink wink*. and how to show a person a good time.

Overall a person you must get to know, and one of the awesomest people in the world by far. Great friend, person, lover and best friend.
by holliedoodle7 July 15, 2010
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