Joergen was a horse of pewdiepie
pls joergen dont teleport away again and stay with pewd
by Pewdiepie's horse July 8, 2019
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A kind-hearted and genuine horse that sadly went missing.
Joergen sadly went missing, and is now presumed dead.
by Bairgh O L'Gharigh July 6, 2019
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Pewdiepie's horse in his ePIC Minecraft playthrough. There have been 2 Joergens as one of them accidentally died my glitching into a wall:(Joergen #2 is currently safe and sound with diamond armor accompanying pewds to his adventures.
"Joergen is so much more than a pixelated horse"
by idonotknowwhatimdoinguwu July 3, 2019
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Joergen was Pewdiepie's horse in his minecraft lets play. It sadly died. We all love him. People confuse the name with Jorgen.
"Joergen was like a father to me. I loved him like a son."
by P0ppyGl0ria July 9, 2019
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People or animals with the name Joergen are of the highest order and will never betray you, they are the most loyal and brave beings to ever exist
“Wow Joergen get over here” “Joergen NOOOOO” “I’m so excited to show this to Joergen he’ll be so happy”
by Datberdboi July 2, 2019
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A trustworthy horse in Pewdiepie's minecraft adventure. He's so trustworthy that he'll never leave you wherever you go. P.S. Don't put him in the nether.
"Joergen was like a father to me. I loved him like my son."
by whathefrick69 July 8, 2019
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There have been two Joergens in PewDiePie's minecraft adventure. The first Joergen died while in an attempt to enter the nether to help Felix Defeat whatever mobs he encountered in the nether. He then was replaced with Joergen 2. Joergen 2 met his end on July 24th, 2019. He was crushed to death between two tight walls on a minecrart rail of death.
"Rest in pieces Joergen(s)"
by RIP JOERGEN July 24, 2019
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