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Noun - Jehovah is God. Verb - Proclaimer of God
Joela is a beautiful child of God, worthy of His love.
by JojoWhatchaKnow February 08, 2015
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Joela is a very loveing character,she has different types of personalities.she is crazy and loves to care for people.
She is know for putting other people’s problems before her and is one of the best at hugs and company.
If you have a Joela keep her close and make sure no one hurts her as they will hide ther emotions.

They also have bad anger issues and when angry don’t get I ther way.
Joela is a loyal and compassionate girl .
by Unknown_28 July 30, 2018
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joela ... taxi

slang from the song by Vanessa Paradis Joe La Taxi, meaning mini cab
I am going to order a Joela
by Steve Watts October 16, 2006
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