Quarterback for the New York Jets from 1965 to 1976. He is considered the greatest player in Jets history. He was born in Beaver Falls, PA on May 31st, 1943.

On the field, he helped turn the Jets into Super Bowl Champions by leading the Jets to victory againt the heavilly favored Baltimore Colts. He told the media that the Jets would win Super Bowl III, with the famous gaurantee prior to the big game. He would leave the NFL with lots of awards and have his jersey number 12 retired by the Jets organization. He is an NFL Hall of Famer.

Off the field, Namath was fashionable and somewhat excentric who had a penchant for unconventional and loud clothing and decorating styles. He loved and dated beautiful women throughout and after his playing career. Namath loved to drink; though sometimes this would become a problem. Namath said he wanted to kiss tv commentator Suzy Kolber during a nationally televised football game.

His nicknames are Broadway Joe and Joe Willie Namath.
"Hey, who's your favorite Jet of all time?"
"Joe Namath."
"Why Broadway Joe?"
"Cause he was my favorite quarterback and he made the Jets Super Bowl Champions!"
by ctjet July 8, 2009
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When you are drinking with someone you don't know very well and they suddenly want to kiss you.
There was a group of us and Gary pulled a total 'Joe Namath' and tried to paw me. Why didn't someone tell me that old guy can't handle vodka?
by Deb_in_NH October 10, 2006
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New Yorker: Man, we need Joe Namath back in here.
Person with actual knowledge of NFL: Chad Pennington is probably better than his sorry ass.
by Some dude from Yonkers October 4, 2005
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