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A deathcore band turned death metal after their first release, Doom EP, pinned them as a poser deathcore band made for Hot Topic scene kids. The band was hated by "real" death metal fans mostly because of the vocalist's pig squeals. The band continues to receive hate from death metal fans due to the Doom EP, even though the band has released 3 very good technical death metal records since Doom and the band still receives a lot of hate from their former Hot Topic scene kid fans for not playing "br00tal breakdowns" since Doom. Job For A Cowboy is a very good technical death metal band but will sadly never be taken seriously despite their amazing efforts.
JFAC Fan: "Have you heard Job For A Cowboy lately?"
DeathMetalHead: "No way, they're a poser band for scene kids."
JFAC Fan: "Have you heard Genesis? Ruination? Gloom?"
DeathMetalHead: ""

JFAC Fan: "Because they got talented."
by Ihavenoideawhoiambut....yeah November 04, 2011
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Fairly underground metal band, who produce excellent work. Emtombment of a Machine and Entities are by far their best songs.
Job for a cowboy and Penknifelovelife at York. Fucking classic mayte.
by Realist Surrealist June 24, 2006
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An awsome metal band out of Glendale Arizona.They have played at many major concerts but remain fairly unknown.
My ass still hurts from when Job For A Cowboy played at the California Metal Fest.
by J-Bix May 09, 2006
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One of thee best bands to get down with any time of day or night. The best albums, and songs by Job For A Cowboy consist of,

DOOM: Suspended by the throat, The Rising Tide
Ruination:Butchering the enlightened

Genesis:The divine falsehood

Though hated by many people alike "scene kids" because Job For A Cowboy or any bands alike would crush listening to Forever The Sickest Kids any day.
1. When you go to a Job For A Cowboy show, make sure to bring an extra shirt, most likely you will get blood on you.

2. Thankfully I didn't have to take my sister to that Owl City concert, I couldn't bare terrible music, and on top of that all the little scene kids standing there texting.

3. Job For A Cowboy and Annotations Of An Autopsy " another great band" touring together was massive!
by Johnny Davison January 13, 2010
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Considered to be one of the bands to recieve major benefit from the current MySpace phenomenon, and their use of it, Job For A Cowboy are a deathcore-turned-poser-death-metal outfit from Arizona.

While Job For A Cowboy can be seen as pioneers of death metal by their loyal legion of fans, purists consider them a lame band with a penchant for pig squeals - referencing Job For A Cowboy's debut EP, Doom, which was responsible for their success.

Job For A Cowboy is for fans of: Despised Icon, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and Bring Me The Horizon.
Scene Kid: "Job For A Cowboy are the best metal band today, and the Doom EP was, and is, the most br00tal album ever."

Genuine Metalhead: "Job For A Cowboy is nothing but fourth-rate garbage for idiots who don't know shit about metal."

TxKx: "Job For A Cowboy is a perfect example of what is wrong with today's metal scene. This rubbish can only appeal to impressionable 16-year-old posers who spend too much time on MySpace; basically, it's absolute fail."
by TxKx September 06, 2007
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A deathcore/death metal band out of Glendale Arizona, which slowly gained popularity due to their "girl scream" in their most popular, and slightly overrated song titled: "Entombment of a Machine". Thousands upon thousands of "hardcore kids" made it a priority to obtain their merchandise, and as the band began to seem like sellouts, Jonny Davy, vocalist and founder of the band mouthed off to Hot Topic saying, "Job For A Cowboy is too hardcore for Hot Topic". Almost instantly Hot Topic removed any and all merch the band had given to them to sell. The band now hides behind Jonny Davy's problems, and many harsh labels, playing guitar that is tuned too low for anyone to possibly transcribe. Acceptional guitar playing is unseen, and their drummer Jon Rice's tallents, although godly, remain unnoticed.
JFAC fan #1: "Too bad Jonny Davy had to run his mouth. Now its almost impossible to find anything with a Job For A Cowboy logo on it!"

JFAC fan #2: "I know! Their shirt designs were so cool too!"
by wildchild666 February 16, 2009
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