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Jjeoreo (쩔어)is an indirect translation of Dope/Sick from the Korean language Hangul.

It uses this term in a way that means cool.
Person 1: Man that BTS concert was so dope.

Person 2: You could even say it was Jjeoreo (쩔어)
by Hana Song (송하나) May 04, 2018
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The word "jjoreo" is a Korean slang word meaning "dope" or "sick" and is most commonly associated with the song Dope (쩔어) by BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan, Behind The Scenes)
"Geobuneun geobuhae
Nan wonrae neomuhae
Modu da ttara hae
(Reject rejection
I was always too much
Everyone follow me
It’s dope/sick!)
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by SugaKubesInMyTae May 25, 2018
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